Kevin Newman: 'Trying To Get Better In Every Aspect Of My Game'

Despite A Major Breakout Season In 2019, Kevin Newman Isn't Satisifed

Kraig Riley
February 13, 2020 - 8:02 pm
Kevin Newman Makes His Major League Debut With The Pirates

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BRADENTON (93.7 The FAN - Kevin Newman had a breakout campaign in 2019, but that doesn't mean he's not still working on every aspect of his game for the 2020 season.

"I go into the offseason still with the thought, you know, trying to get better in every aspect of my game.  Get a little stronger, a littler faster and try to come in in good shape."

But do thoughts of what he achieved still remain or is he leaving 2019 in the rear view mirror?  The answer is complicated.

"It's bringing the confidence with me and not the stats," Newman said.  "It's a new year, like you said, it's a fresh slate, but I can definitely bring the confidence with me in terms of 'I know I can do that.'  So no, I'm not going to try and just repeat exactly what I did, but knowing that I can is definitely a help and a step in the right direction to set me up for success this year."

Newman may not have won the short stop job coming out of spring training last year, but his defense caught some people by surprise with how smooth he looked and he's looking to further impress on that front.

"I definitely tried to work on defense.  My first step and my reaction time are two huge things that I focused on in the off season.  Just try to increase my range, obviously the balls I can get to, the plays I can make for our pitchers, ultimately just get better all around at short."

So does Newman expect to be the starting short stop to start the 2020 season?  Click the audio below to hear more from Newman on that front and his first impression of manager Derek Shelton. 

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