Ray Fittipaldo: Steelers Can't Do Much In Free Agency

Cook and Joe Show

Joe Kapp
March 17, 2020 - 3:10 pm

93.7 the Fan

Business as usual for the NFL despite the coronavirus pandemic so we will conduct business ourselves as Post-Gazette Steelers Beat Writer Ray Fittipaldo joined the Cook and Joe Show on Tuesday.


The Steelers are restricting deals for Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Haden, Chris Bowell and Vance McDonald. Along with the cuts they made yesterday and Ramon Foster announcing his retirement… are the Steelers trying to  free up cap space….can they be active in free agency to fill some of their holes?


“They can do something (Joe) but not a lot,” Fittipaldo said. “Unless they would go ahead and get this new done with Cam Heyward before free agency opens tomorrow.”


Fittipaldo lays out scenarios with tenders that need to be offered they are lefty with around 6 million in cap space but most of that needs to be available for the draft pool.


 Was he surprised about Ramon Foster deciding to retire?


“Not really,” Fittipaldo added. “He knew the writing was on the wall after that last game in Baltimore. Anyone who stood around his locker and listened to him talk then knew he was either going to be released or that he was going to retire.”


Fittipaldo said he is 34 years old and a move the Steelers had to make and will have to make additional moves to replenish an aging line.


As he said earlier Cam Heyward should be close to getting an extension done…are there others being considered?


He said maybe TJ Watt who they need to get done now or next season but doesn’t see an extension being offered for Juju Smith –Shuster or James Conner at this time.


“You see what’s happening with the RB market, Devonta  Freeman was just cut I mean those guys…it’s just a really bad situation for them now, “Fittipaldo added. “I just don’t think there is any reason to extend a guy like Conner Who as we just discussed has been so injury prone over the last couple years.”