Steelers Must Prepare For Chiefs Big Play Ability

NFL Network's Brian Billick Says KC brings an explosive offense under young QB Mahomes

Matt Koll
September 11, 2018 - 11:54 am
Chiefs celebration

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- As the Steelers were putting the finishing touches on a tie in Cleveland, the Kansas City Chiefs were busy putting on a show against the LA Chargers. KC went on the road and showed off a quick strike, deep threat offense that the Chargers defense just couldn't contain. 

NFL Network analyst Brian Billick joined The Fan Morning Show on Tuesday and talked about the importance of keeping the Chiefs' many weapons at bay this week when the Steelers welcome them to Heinz Field at 1:00 Sunday.

"Job number one has to be, 'guys, we cannot give up big plays.' I mean Tyreek Hill had a 58-yarder (touchdown), [Anthony] Sherman had a 36-yarder, you can't give up those big plays," said Billick. "We talked about it for years, explosive plays and turnovers are the top two determinants for success."

"I would think that Pittsburgh, as it typically does, would say, 'ok, we've got to keep it in front of us, don't let these guys behind us, and then when they dump the ball off...which they're going to do, they're going to dump the ball off to Hill and the backs and the shallow crossing routes and that type of thing...we've got to come up and make tackles,'" said Billick. "We've got to tackle well in the open field. With Pat Mahomes, can they do the 10, 12, 13 play 70-75 yard drive being patient to move down the field? Alex Smith could and that was the hallmark of what their ability was to do. We'll see if Pat Mahomes can do that." 

Billick gave his takeaways from watching Kansas City's first year starting QB Pat Mahomes last week against LA.

"The ability to move the ball, Tyreek Hill for Kansas City, yep, yep, even though it's not Alex Smith, they kind of picked up where they left off [last season]," said Billick. "Now, Mahomes made some great plays, some great throws. The Chargers played a lot of man and that kind of makes things simple for Mahomes, he can make those throws when he can see what he's throwing. Some of the change-up zones that Pittsburgh does [they can] make Mahomes maybe hold the ball a little bit and recognize what he is seeing down the field, I'll be interested to see how he takes on that Pittsburgh defense."       

On the Steelers side, Ben Roethlisberger was noticeably more mobile and tried to extended plays a little more on Sunday and that's a version of Ben that Billick is all too familar with from his days as head coach of the Ravens.

"That's Ben isn't it? Extending the plays beyond the design of the offense, the way he makes things happen and obviously it's very productive up to the point when you throw three interceptions and you have the four sacks. You give to get so to speak and particularly on the road. We've seen this time and time again that when they get on the road you tend to see this and that's why coming back, I think they're going to play very well against Kansas City. [This is] a very good Kansas City team, very good, very explosive offensively. Defensively I don't know if Kansas City is what they have been the last couple years. I'd be surprised if Ben and the offense did not come back and play well this Sunday against Kansas City."

You can listen to the entire interview with former Ravens head coach now NFL Network analyst Brian Billick on The Fan Morning Show below. 


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