One NFL Must-Add From The AAF

The NFL was shown up in one major way this weekend

Matt Koll
February 11, 2019 - 11:09 am
Hotshots' Steve Beauharnais

Patrick Breen/The Republic

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The Alliance of American Football debuted this weekend on CBS and overall, The Fan Morning Show didn't think it was great but showcased some good things. 

In fact, the worst part might have been the actual on-field play and talent level as it clearly looked like a minor-league football game.

But the guys said the AAF got a lot things right. The promotion for the games was great, they have some star power involved with former GM Bill Polian and former Steeler Hines Ward. The production, being on CBS, was fantastic. They had open mics on some of the players and coaches on the sideline. The commercial breaks were shorter, the pace of play was faster and the games finished up under 3 hours. 

There was one thing in particular that was really outstanding from the broadcast of the Atlanta Legends and Orlando Apollos game Saturday night. Orlando wide receiver Jalin Marshall appeared to have a pass in the endzone slip through his hands as he landed on the ground and the original call was "no catch."

Then, CBS cut to replay official Terri Valenti in the booth who was reviewing the play. You could see her looking at all angles and hear her deciding what the outcome was going to be. She was even going to uphold the "no catch" call until the very end when she saw a different angle and came to the determination that was it was, in fact, a catch.

Check it out: 

The Fan Morning Show loves this idea and said that the AAF showed up the NFL by doing this. Fans want access to everything going on during a game and this provides excellent insight into the decision-making process. It also doesn't help that NFL officiating is under maybe the biggest microscope it's ever been under with blatant missed calls throughout the season, including one in the NFC Championship Game that may have cost the New Orleans Saints a trip to the Super Bowl. 

The guys think this is a must-add for the NFL for credibility's sake. It would at least give fans peace of mind as to what exactly is going on when officiating decisions are being made.

You can hear the entire conversation about this and the AAF as a whole from The Fan Morning Show below.   

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