About This Ben Roethlisberger Haircut Controversy...

The Fan Morning Show's pointed words

Matt Koll
May 20, 2020 - 11:15 am
Ben Roethlisberger

Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The 38 second, Big Ben "hype video" worked. It got many Steelers fans excited. Excited to see the franchise quarterback back to throwing footballs to teammates and cleaning up a grizzly beard that represented his hiatus from playing football and the uncertainty of him being able to again. 

Then the unintended fallout hit.

After being asked about Roethlisberger receiving a haircut from an Allegheny County barbershop, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf expressed what he termed as "general concern" for Ben, saying, "I don't care who you are, the chances of that virus wreaking havoc on your life increases."

Colin Dunlap and Chris Mack of The Fan Morning Show discussed this situation Wednesday morning. Colin doesn't necessarily have an issue so much with the answer, but more so the asking of the question.

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"Is this really a time...I understand investigative journalism, I get it and I know the functions of it...but is this really a time...when you have a record number of unemployed people, when you've got people worried about if their business is going to stay intact...to try to play 'gotcha' with a frickin' barber in Sewickley?

Who's the victim here? Are you the victim because you can't get a haircut like Ben Roethlisberger can? Is someone else the victim because their haircut place is closed? This guy accepted no money. We are in extenuating times, a time that we've never seen in society. Also, what trophy do you get being a champion to expose this guy right now? 

I just don't understand what the end game is trying to identify the guy. Coming out and identifying him even more, running it up the flag pole to see if it was on the up and up and then trying to call the guy a liar after he put a statement out. I just don't see the end game. Time and place. Now's not the time to go cranking on some little guy somewhere who's just trying to get his."

Chris agreed and said it's representative of an issue in our current culture.          

"I think the problem with this is people's incessant need to tattle. For example, we go for a walk around the neighborhood and there's some neighbors sitting in a driveway. All 6-10 feet apart from each other. From different homes but they're all sitting there and hanging out and talking to each other, maybe having a drink or two. Then an hour later, somebody calls the cops on them because they didn't feel like they were socially distancing properly enough.

If you don't like the way somebody is doing it, then either mention it to them personally or be on your way and about your day. It's this 'gotcha' society that we have where we've got to be the ones who pointed out that that person didn't do it right. They're not doing it right. You know what? Worry about your own family. Worry about your own job. Worry about your own 6-10 feet." 

How do you feel about Ben Roethlisberger receiving a haircut at a barbershop? 

You can hear the entire conversation about this from The Fan Morning Show below.               

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