Dunlap: Are We Headed For Pats Inevitable?

Colin Dunlap
October 22, 2019 - 7:53 am
Bill Belichick & Patriots

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It’s going to happen again, isn’t it? Damn. It’s going to happen again and there is nothing that is going to stop it.

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Sure looks that way after the New England Patriots had their way with a young quarterback on Monday Night Football, made him see ghosts that had nothing to do with Halloween right around the corner and cruised to a 33-0 victory. Yeah, we might be headed for the New England Patriots roaring right through the American Football Conference again, huh?

Certainly there are all the great stories in the AFC. There is, to be sure, some interesting reading material.

There is that neat story in Buffalo where they are talkin’ proud to the tune of 5-1 and seemingly always find a way to win a close game. Those fans finally have a reason to jump through tables, light themselves on fire, participate in drunken shenanigans and the such.

There is the story with the Kansas City Chiefs who score some points with Pat Mahomes and now have to wait and see what his status is but, we all know, are very, very, very good if he is even remotely healthy.

And then are the darling Baltimore Ravens and their flash-of-a-quarterback Lamar Jackson who was dubbed as only a running back who threw it occasionally (he still might be) but is proving so many people wrong as he goes out there and dominates games. The Ravens are 5-2, Jackson is the toast of the town and everyone in football is still trying to figure out how to get a direct hit on the guy who has been about as elusive as DB Cooper. On top of that, Jackson is engaging, marketable, downright likeable and has a chance to have his face plastered all over advertising campaigns for years to come.

Great stories, all of them. Something to talk about, for sure. Chat, chat, chat about the NFL. Talk, talk, talk about those things in the AFC.

But could they all be wasted breath?

The New England Patriots are 7-0 right now and it looks as if it would take a monumental choke-job for Bill Belichick to not get his 10th AFC title. I mean, it’s one thing that the Patriots have scored 223 points as their Brady-led offense pushes the ball up and down the field using every eligible imaginable and that take-what-they-give-us approach that has delivered Belichick six Super Bowl rings.    

But that defense. Oh, that defense.

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They have given up just 48 points through seven games.

They have two shutouts this season.

They haven’t given up more than 14 points in any game.

Heck, they held the Pittsburgh Steelers to three points --- without Kyle Van Noy.

Yeah, barring an injury I’m not seeing anyone dent this Patriots defense. And especially in that first round of the playoffs when Belichick has time to rest and prepare if his team gets that top seed, you can absolutely forget about it.

So as much as it pains me to say --- and it might be boring as heck for everyone who doesn’t live in Boston or Patriot Nation --- this could all be barreling headlong toward the inevitable. We can talk about the Chiefs or Bills or Ravens or whomever as a nice story. Those are great and fun and nice to mention.

But in the end it’s looking like, right now at least, everything else is just a formality. No one, absolutely no one, is even remotely close to the Patriots in the AFC.

Ugh. ​

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