Piped In Crowd Noise Or No Crowd Noise At All?

A 'would you rather' on The Fan Morning Show

Matt Koll
May 25, 2020 - 11:38 am
empty crowd

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- With leagues making proposals, playoff systems being implemented, hub cities or locations being identified, each day we seemingly inch close to seeing live sports return. 

But in almost every case, sports will most likely be played without fans in the stands. 

Fox Sports 1 aired a German Bundesliga game over the weekend and the broadcast implemented piped in crowd noise to make up for the fact that no one was in attendance. The noise actually got decent reviews from those who watched and you can hear for yourself below. 


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This sparked a conversation between Chris Mack and Jim Colony on The Fan Morning Show on Monday. Would you rather watch a future Stanley Cup playoff game or MLB game with piped in crowd noise or no extra noise at all? 

Chris Mack didn't mince words. 

"I don't want fake crowd noise. I'm not interested in it. I'd much rather be able to hear the actual players down on the field, I think could be even more enlightening. I don't need fake crowd noise to tell me how to feel. Don't try to fake it at all." 

Jim Colony thought along the same lines. 

"I hate piped in stuff. It's like if you watch some old episode of a 50's or 60's black and white sitcom where it's like the same people laughing all the time. There's the same people on the laugh track.I've always hated that. I don't like any of this fake stuff, it's contrived. Just let it breathe itself and if we hear stuff then that's okay. You hear stuff off and on anyway even when crowds are at games."

Chris even thinks the "stuff" Jim refers to, the communication between players and coaches, would be much better to listen to than the hum of a crowd in the background.

Are you pro-crowd noise or anti-crowd noise? 

You can listen to the rest of the conversation from The Fan Morning Show on crowd noise, including how it could translate to a sport like baseball, below. 

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