PA Little League Doesn't Want Astros Name Being Used

The administrator tells The Fan 'This goes against everything Little League stands'

Andrew Limberg
February 21, 2020 - 5:41 pm
Houston Astros Logo

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(93.7 The Fan) - A Pennsylvania Little League organization is encouraging teams to not use the Astros at their team name in 2020.

PA Little League District 16/31 posted on their website the recommendation that “All leagues refrain from using the Astros as a nickname for any league teams.”

District Administrator Bob Bertoni tells 93.7 The Fan there are two reasons for the move.

“We do not want our players to be ridiculed by wearing the jersey. We know some people can be mean and this would create an avenue for negative connotations for our young players representing the Astros.”

The second reason is about staying true to their pledge.

“This goes against everything Little League stands for. Our pledge states ‘We will play fair’, we do not want to represent or idolize a team that does not have the same values,” said Bertoni.

The Astros were accused and punished for a sign-stealing scandal that involved Astros players knowing what pitches were coming.

Many please have voiced their frustration with Houston and some claim it helped the Astros win the 2017 World Series.

The Astros were beat in the World Series last season by the Washington Nations.

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