Philadelphia Defeats Pittsburgh In One Thing: Jealous Hatred

Philly's contempt for Sid is unprecedented

The Fan Morning Show
April 17, 2018 - 11:20 am
Sidney Crosby

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Flyers fans HATE Sidney Crosby. With more abhorrence than maybe any fan base has for a player from another team. The latest display of that was Sunday during Game 3 when urinals inside the Wells Fargo Center had a picture of Crosby inside it (which he's seen before).

We all have heard the traditional "Crosby sucks" chants that break out during Pens-Flyers games in Philadelphia as well as the boos that echo when his stick touches the puck. So, The Fan Morning Show asked today: Has Pittsburgh ever hated and fixated on an athlete like Philadelphia does with Crosby? Has it ever reached that level?

After bouncing it around a few times, names like Tom Brady, Ray Lewis, Vontaze Burfict, and Barry Bonds were brought up. Although there were many boos that rained down from the Pittsburgh faithful for those players, the guys said they all had a background significance to it. Each of those athletes either wronged the game in some way or directly wronged a Pittsburgh athlete in some way to deserve the hate. Even then, the loathing didn't go to urinal levels.

So what is it with Sid? Why does Philly hate him so much? Is it because he gained a reputation as a "whiner" or "crybaby" early on in his career when he would complain to officials?

The guys said that isn't enough. They know the deep-seeded reason: Sidney Crosby dominates the Philadelphia Flyers. Both during the regular season and in the playoffs. In 63 regular season games, Crosby has scored 93 points against the Flyers, with 38 goals and 55 assists. In the playoffs, Crosby has 15 points in just 9 games. It's all jealousy.

Flyers fans wish they could have a generational talent like Sid on their team and they can't stand the fact that he plays for a Pittsburgh team. That's it and that's all. No one can do it quite like Philadelphia. Their level of hate for Crosby is unmatched, much like he makes their team look over-matched. You can listen to our discussion of this topic below.