Philly Fans Are...Respectable?!

Paul Zeise is somehow taking up for Flyers fans

The Fan Morning Show
April 23, 2018 - 10:52 am
Flyers ice crew

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

What a sad, yet typical and almost predictable sight it was at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia as the Penguins were putting the Flyers away (again) with a Bryan Rust empty net goal and full beer cans were being thrown on the ice. The Philly faithful showed their true colors yet again.

It is well-known that the "city of brotherly love", as ironic a statement as there is in the universe, touts some of the most poorly-behaved fans in all of sports. But Paul Zeise, a special co-host on The Fan Morning Show today and tomorrow, actually tried to defend them on-air.

Zeise went so far as to say that he "respects" Philadelphia because they love their teams. The Eagles, Phillies and Flyers haven't had a lot of success until this past year, yet they remain very passionate about them and get upset when they don't do well. Paul said they don't try to hide who they are. They know they are absurd and they embrace it. They don't try to be pretend like they are classy or as Paul put it "choir boys" and a fan base that is going to give you "golf claps." They own the fact that nobody outside their borders likes them and they are abrasive to outsiders for that reason. They will never pretend to be anything different.

Colin Dunlap said that they lose their "respectability" when they do idiotic things like throw full beer cans that could actually injure someone. All credibility goes out the window when you do something like that. Jim Colony was just amazed that Philadelphia actually has a standard to live down to. 

Is Philadelphia's passion something to admire or just plain embarrassing? We now know there's at least one guy in Pittsburgh that thinks the former.

You can listen to our conversation about this on The Fan Morning Show below.