John Wehner: 'A Leap Forward Depends On The Corner Infielders'

Rock thinks Kang and Bell are key

The Fan Morning Show
March 26, 2019 - 11:07 am

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Pirates broadcaster John Wehner will join The Fan Morning Show every Tuesday at 9:30 am throughout the season to talk Buccos with the guys. 

He started his weekly hits by telling us what he expects from the Pirates offense this season and which hitters in particular are most important for their success in 2019. 

"I expect this team to score more runs than they did a year ago. When you're looking at what [Corey] Dickerson did last year, what [Starling] Marte did last year and he's capable of more, [Gregory] Polanco if he can come out of the shoot in May or whenever he returns and hit the way he did in the second half last year, you've got three really good outfielders."

"The middle infield, [Adam] Frazier is Frazier, he's going to continue to hit and he's going to hit some homers. [Erik] Gonzalez is a question mark. Jung Ho Kang and Josh Bell to me will be the key," said Wehner. "The corner infield, to me, are two middle of the lineup bats. I'm guessing they're going to hit 4th and 6th, Bell clean-up, Kang 6th. Jung Ho Kang did not have a great spring despite the seven home runs. I thought that he was a little bit off timing-wise, a little behind the fastball a little ahead of the breaking ball at times, he struck out a lot. Until the last four days. He's locked in right now."

"This guy, I want the season to start tomorrow for him because this guy looks really good right now. A couple of balls he hit out of the ballpark, his last two home runs were absolute missiles. One [was a] down and away fastball that he hit out to right center like Polanco would have hit a ball to right center field, that's how much pop this guy has and right now he's seeing the ball well. If he can stay healthy, he can be the wild card. He can be the 25-35 home run guy."

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"Bell, to me, is key. If you've got two middle of the lineup bats that can hit the ball out of the ballpark and be consistent, this offense is way better just with those two guys. I still think this offense is very capable and it could be above average and above average is plenty if the starting staff and this bullpen is as good as advertised. But getting them over the hump and making a huge leap forward I think will depend on the corner infielders." 

You can listen to the entire interview with John Wehner on The Fan Morning Show about this upcoming Pirates season that starts Thursday at 1:05 pm in Cincinnati below.                      

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