Pirates Insider Jason Mackey on Spring Training 2.0, Pirates Implications of Pennsylvania Mask Mandate

Jason also shares his thoughts on the accessibility problem in youth baseball

The Fan Morning Show
July 02, 2020 - 12:23 pm
Pirates First Baseman Josh Bell

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Pirates Insider Jason Mackey joined Colin Dunlp on The Fan Morning Show for his weekly visit on Thursday to discuss the Pirates returning for Spring Training 2.0 and how the team will be affected by Pennsylvania's mask mandate

With Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf's announcment Wednesday that masks will be required in all public place, Colin asked Jason how this will affect the Pirates and if players are in violation of the mandate as they prepare for the start of the MLB's season. Jason says the Pirates' access to testing makes them the exception.

"From what I understand, and this is why they are not in violation of it, is because they're not functioning like normal citizens," Jason said. "Going outside we have to wear masks, but we don't have the sort of testing programs and other health and safety measures that have been - I don't want to say negotiated - But created in conjunction with Major League Baseball and political officials."

Colin also asked Jason if he believes that MLB's restart will kick off as scheduled. Luckily for Pirates fans, he is optimistic.

"I do. And maybe I'm nuts, but I do think they are going to push forward with this thing," Jason said. "Good, bad or indifferent. I think that no matter what you see elsewhere, like I think they are going to sort of believe in what they've developed. For all the frustration and animosity, whatever you want to call it that existed in orginally getting back on the field, there does seem to be this 'we have to play, we have to play, we have to play"  mindset.  And I think that might trump any sort of outside concerns over the virus."

Jason also shared his thoughts on the lack of accessibility to baseball faced by younger generations of potential players, and how that may already be putting the future of the game in jeoparody. 

Listen to the full conversation with Jason Mackey from The Fan Morning Show below.