'These Players Only Have Themselves To Blame'

Pirates insider Jason Mackey on the Bucs missed opportunity out of the break

The Fan Morning Show
July 22, 2019 - 12:18 pm
Felipe Vazquez

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Another series lost means more games back in both the division and Wild Card race for the Pirates. It also means their record now stands at a meager 2-7 after the All-Star break. 

Now the Pirates are looking more and more like sellers rather than buyers as the July 31st trade deadline draws nearer and nearer. Pirates insider Jason Mackey joined The Fan Morning Show Monday and said that the players have given up their right to be surprised if and when general manager Neal Huntington breaks the team up. 

"I think they've forfeited their right to feel one way or the other. The way they stormed back going into the All-Star break, putting themselves one game under .500 despite injuries and all the junk that happened, to be 2.5 games out of the division, if that track would have continued then the players have a right to feel miffed. 

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You come out of the break after that situation is in front of you, you come out of the break losing 7 of 9? I'm sorry. You can't sit here and complain. You had the opportunity to keep this club together and if Huntington would go nuclear at this point and sell off every one of his assets, to me, these players only have themselves to blame. You want to keep this club together, you've got to play better than going 2-7 out of a break with great opportunity." 

Huntington addressed question about the trade deadline yesterday during the "Neal Huntington Show" right here on 93.7 The Fan as well as in his meeting with reporters. But, the picture really might not be any clearer as to what their strategy will be. 

"What would you do? What message can he send clearly that aligns with what his ballclub has done? His team has been all over the map. I don't think it does him any good to come out on Sunday afternoon and say, 'We're going to sell everybody.' But I also think it's equally as stupid to say, 'We're not going to do anything.' He's trying to react to it. 

They will certainly listen. They'll have a lot of conversations. How they play over the next 7 days, maybe less, and how the Cubs play and what the situation is is certainly going to dictate which direction they go. But you have to be leaning toward at least standing pat, if not selling a few minor pieces." 

An interesting name that has been floated around in potential trade talks involving the Pirates is All-Star closer Felipe Vazquez. Is there really a scenario in which the Bucs would part with him? 

"You have to make it so you can't even question whether that's the right move. You get a top 5, top 10 prospect in baseball, somebody's #1. A terrific, top of the rotation arm, plus a guy maybe the equivalent of a Ke'Bryan Hayes, hopefully better than that. Maybe [then] you'd have to think about it. Somebody is going to have to blow your doors off.

I think their only hope here is that the situation the Dodgers are in, they may need to get stupid with this thing, they may need to overpay and that's why I think Huntington is smart for listening to them and if they do get stupid, hey, that's when you do it." 

You can listen to the entire interview with Pirates insider Jason Mackey on The Fan Morning Show below.                      

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