Pirates Say It's Too Early to Address Cervelli's Future

Huntington speaks to the media about Cervelli's ongoing head injury problems.

Noah Hiles
July 15, 2018 - 3:59 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – A day after placing starting catcher Francisco Cervelli back on the disabled list due to his continuous struggles with concussion related symptoms, Pirates general manager Neil Huntington spoke about the long term health of the club’s veteran backstop.

Given Cervelli’s long history of head injuries, Huntington was asked if the organization had any reason to worry about their backstop’s ability to not only keep playing behind the plate but the game of baseball in general.

“It’s a fair question to ask really about both of those,” said Huntington. “We don’t believe so. Our first and only concern at this point is Francisco Cervelli and his long term wellbeing.”

Huntington continued saying, “We are not at that point where we need to or want to have those discussions just yet. Our focus right now is getting him healthy and then we will start to think about baseball at that point in time.”

Cervelli, who has suffered four concussions in the past two years with the Pirates, along with having a previous history of head injuries during his time as a New York Yankee is able to come off the disabled list as early as Saturday, July 21. However, with his medical history Huntington says that the club is in no way looking to rush his recovery.  

“We are giving him the best available medical care that we can,” said Huntington. “We are giving him the best available medical evaluations and recommendations that we can. We will see where we will go from there.”

Prior to the resurgence of his concussion issues in late June, Cervelli had been one of the Pirates top hitters this season, with an .839 OPS and a career high nine homeruns.