Pitt Players Ready for Rivalry

Electricity is different this week

Jeff Hathhorn
September 04, 2018 - 1:05 pm

93.7 the Fan

SOUTH SIDE (93.7 the Fan) - Panthers senior captain Quintin Wirginis grew up with the Pitt-Penn State rivalry, saying one of his best friends is a Penn State grad.  But when it came down to a school, it took him a few days after an offer from Paul Chryst to become a Panther.

“Back in 2014, as soon as I got the offer from Pitt, I committed to Pitt,” Wirginis said.  So when Penn State called later to inquire about him?

“It wasn’t much of a choice.”

And the rivalry goes on.

“I remember being little and my older brothers telling me you can’t like Pitt and Penn State,” Wirginis said.  “You have to choose one.  That is kind of what college football is all about, these fun rivalry games.”

The senior linebacker from Fox Chapel said the ideal is to attack every game the same, but he realizes the importance of this matchup.  Wirginis admits the electricity is different this week and that shows how much it means to them and people throughout the commonwealth.

“You’ve got the whole fan bases behind each other who make it really fun,” Wirginis said.  “There’s so much built up for this game and this city and this whole state.  That’s what separates it.”

“It’s something you always wanted to do growing up,” said senior Connor Dintino said of playing in rivalry games.  “You are a little kid.  You turn on the TV and watch two teams going at it.  That’s what we play for, that’s what you dream of as a little kid.  It’s something I’m excited for.”

“It’s the third time we’re playing them,” Wirginis said.  “We won one.  They won one.  This will be our senior class’s last time to make our mark.  If we don’t leave the mark we want to leave, we will have to deal with that.”