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Pitt Reveals New Color Scheme, Logo, Font

Pitt worked with Nike for two years creating new Panther head logo, Cathedral Font

April 08, 2019 - 12:10 pm

Pitt Athletics debuted its new look Sunday much to the delight of  fans of the classic blue and yellow color scheme.

Alex Mowre/ Pitt Athletics

Pitt worked with Nike on the new design that features a return to the classic Pitt Script. They also rolled out a new Panther Head logo, inspired by various panther statues across the campus.

The numbering on Pitt’s uniforms are called “Cathedral font” inspired by the “parallel lines and pointed arches” found in the architecture of the Cathedral of Learning.

Athletic Director Heather Lyke said that she wanted Pitt to stand out in the ACC.

The collaboration between Pitt and Nike was a two year effort.

In a release Pitt says the new colors, logo and script are “respecting the past” and “Representing the future”.

Alex Mowrey/ Pitt Athletics