Antonio Brown Lists Pittsburgh Mansion With Two-Story Treehouse for Sale

John Healy
October 25, 2019 - 12:30 pm

As Antonio Brown continues to fight for the money he was denied from the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, there is one way he can make some cash — selling his Pittsburgh mansion.

Brown, 31, recently listed his suburban Pittsburgh home for $2.3 million.

The house has five bedrooms, six full bathrooms and 14 rooms total. It comes with a custom basketball court, turf practice field, a full theater, gym sauna, steam shower and, of course, a two-story treehouse.

The treehouse was featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s “Treehouse Masters.”

Brown parting ways with the mansion was an inevitability before all the drama transpired during his brief stints with Oakland and New England this season.

The wide receiver was traded from Pittsburgh to Oakland in March after he expressed desire he no longer wanted to play for the team, so it was unlikely he would be returning to his home.

Brown is currently engulfed in multiple legal battles, including grievances with the Raiders and Patriots after both teams cut him and voided the money he was guaranteed from his contract.

The NFL is also investigating sexual assault claims against him, which led to his release from the Patriots in September. Brown is optimistic about a return to the NFL, but he could face discipline from the league before stepping on the field again — if a team is willing to sign him.

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