Colin Cowherd Ripped for Snubbing Patrick Mahomes in NFL ‘Arm Talent’ Rankings

Jesse Pantuosco
June 27, 2020 - 11:14 am

Fox Sports radio personality Colin Cowherd has fired off a few hot takes in his day. True to form, he unleashed another scorcher on Friday, submitting his top-five NFL arm talents for our consideration.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Colin, but this ain’t it. I could write a thesis-length treatise on the many shortcomings of Cowherd’s suspect list, but in the interest of brevity, I’ll keep the criticism short and sweet. For one, Brady’s inclusion feels very much like a lifetime achievement award. Brady’s deep accuracy last year was better than you’d expect from a rapidly-declining 42-year-old—his 41.7 completion percentage on passes traveling 20 yards or more was ninth-best among NFL starters. Still, anyone with HD television and a semi-competent Internet stream would tell you Brady didn’t pass the eye test last year, particularly in the area of arm strength.

Brady’s ranking is undoubtedly a head-scratcher, but the real story here is which players didn’t crack Cowherd’s top five. Whether Cowherd had a momentary brain cramp or knowingly snubbed Patrick Mahomes, any ranking of arm talents without mention of the reigning Super Bowl MVP is null and void. Mahomes, who converted an impressive 48.5 of his deep throws last year (third-best), is on an all-time trajectory. Sure, it’s early in his NFL journey, but to not be included in Cowherd’s top-five is utter blasphemy.

Perhaps Cowherd and I have different definitions of “arm talent,” but in terms of sheer, downfield strength, how in the world does Aaron Rodgers, a Hail-Mary specialist and one of the greatest deep hurlers EVER not appear on this list? No mention of the man who body-bagged the Lions with a walk-off Hail Mary on national TV or dunked on the Cardinals with this “holy-crap-hide-the-children” deep missile launched from Neptune? Surely you jest, Colin.

If Cowherd, a known pot-stirrer, was simply offering this spicy, five-alarm take as clickbait, well mission accomplished because just about everyone with a working computer and a Twitter handle chimed in on the subject.

Mahomes and Rodgers belong at the top of the snub pile, but let’s not dismiss emerging talents Josh Allen, Daniel Jones and Drew Lock. While not the most polished or experienced of NFL signal-callers (all three have significant ground to make up in the accuracy department), when it comes to pure distance, the up-and-coming trio of Allen, Jones and Lock can sling it with the best of ‘em.

I can’t fault Colin for where he slotted cannon-armed Russell Wilson, but the rest of his list doesn’t exactly scream “I know what I’m talking about.”

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