LISTEN: Jackie Robinson Joins Radio Legend Jack Buck for Interview in 1962

Buck opened the phone lines and allowed callers from across the country to ask Robinson questions

Sam Masterson
April 15, 2020 - 11:57 am

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - To honor and celebrate the legacy left by Jackie Robinson, take a listen to an incredible piece of audio from Jack Buck interviewing the Baseball Hall of Famer. 

The interview happened on Oct. 31, 1962, six years after his last season in Major League Baseball. They talk about a variety of baseball topics, including St. Louis Cardinals legend Stan Musial, the difficulties Robinson faced after breaking the color barrier and his relationship with Branch Rickey, the man who was instrumental in putting him in a MLB uniform. 

But Buck also allowed for a much broader range of topics. He told KMOX listeners, "Rather than remaining in a sports vein, we'd like to deal with race relations," and took questions from callers.

So, Robinson also talked about his opinion of then-presidential candidate John F. Kennedy. He was asked what he thinks about young men and women being involved in civil rights protests like sit-ins. Another caller wanted to talk about the lack of trust between people of different races. And one caller wanted to know his opinion on interracial marriage.

Listen to the full interview below: