Former Yankees Pitcher Says Astros' 2017 World Series Deserves an Asterisk

Lou DiPietro
June 23, 2020 - 2:21 pm

“You can throw an asterisk, along with the 2017 (World Series) the Astros won – put them both in the same category.”

Those are the words of ex-Yankees reliever Jeff Nelson, during an appearance on WFAN’s midday show with John Jastremski and Chris Moore on Tuesday.

During the appearance, JJ told Nelson that as a fan, he would celebrate the same way if his favorite team won this year’s World Series during a compromised season, before asking Nellie if he would consider this season’s World Series to need an asterisk.

Thus the quote about the Astros, who have been found guilty and disciplined for their role in a cheating scandal in 2017, and saw both manager A.J. Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow – as well as former bench coach and later Red Sox manager Alex Cora – suspended for the 2020 season as a result.

Nelson went on to further discuss the ramifications of a modified season, in terms of how it will affect everything involving stats and standings, and how the championship should be notated.

“You hear some players, and they say, ‘if we win a World Series and I get a ring from it, I don’t care how many games it took,” but you’re going to have some surprise teams in the playoffs,” Nelson said. “Guys and teams getting off to slow starts won’t be able to climb back in the race, or get into a groove. So even though there won’t be an asterisk, it’s going to be a little bit different. But, maybe a team that hasn’t won before or hasn’t won in a while will win the World Series.”

The 2019 season ended with the former, as the Washington Nationals won their franchise’s first-ever championship last fall, and to Jastremski’s point, fans in Texas, Milwaukee, San Diego, Seattle, Colorado, or Tampa likely won’t care about season length or any other variables if their favorite team claims their franchise’s first-ever World Series title later this year – nor might fans in Cleveland, whose Indians hold the longest current title drought (last won in 1948) and are the only other franchise without a World Series title in the last half-century (the Pirates, who last won the 1979 World Series, are next).

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