Mike Francesa Talks Carlos Beltran and Second Chances After Mets Part Ways With Manager

John Healy
January 16, 2020 - 6:28 pm

Carlos Beltran was the latest domino to fall in MLB’s sign-stealing scandal, agreeing to step down as manager of the Mets on Thursday before he even managed a game for the team.

The 42-year-old was not punished by MLB, but he was the only player in its investigation of the 2017 Houston Astros and is believed to have played a significant role in the team’s elaborate scheme to steal signs.

He joins Astros manager A.J. Hinch, GM Jeff Luhnow and Red Sox manager Alex Cora to lose their jobs over the scandal. But will they every work or manage in baseball again?

RADIO.COM’s Mike Francesa addressed this topic during “Mike’s On” Thursday evening.

“America is very big on second chances,” he said. “The American sporting community is very big on second chances. If you will say you did wrong, say you’re sorry, you’re 70 percent home. If that’s the case, you’ll see these guys again.”

There was some debate leading up to the decision about whether or not Beltran should lose his job, considering he was not a coach during the scandal. But Francesa, who defended Beltran earlier in the week, explained why it needed to be done.

“He took the job as a new manager and the biggest thing he had going for him was he was highly respected player, and Spanish-speaking players adored him,” he said. “He was a very big figure in the baseball community among Spanish speaking players and very well respected … it all became too much for him, and conversely, too much for the Mets.”

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