Ranking The 10 Greatest Left-Handed Hitters in MLB History

Tim Kelly
June 29, 2020 - 12:20 pm

What makes someone a great hitter? Is it simply their ability to hit for any sort of contact, or is being a complete offensive player - even if some of that comes at the expense of contact at times - more valuable?

We struggled with that question when putting together this list. Even the answer that we arrived at is complicated. By no means is this meant as a diss to players like Pete Rose, Tony Gwynn, Ichiro Suzuki or Wade Boggs, but is their ability to single at a historic clip more valuable than someone that hits for a lower average but walks more and drives the ball at a significantly better clip? In our opinion, the answer is no.

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Nine of the 10 players on the list are Hall of Famers, and the one that isn't is arguably the most accomplished offensive player in the history of the sport. But the aforementioned quartet didn't make the list. Neither did Rod Carew, Shoeless Joe Jackson, David Ortiz, Rafael Palmeiro, Duke Snider, Yogi Berra, Eddie Collins, Norm Cash or Johnny Mize. In other words, you can't win when trying to narrow down a list to 10 names in a sport that has been embedded in the fabric of America since the 1800s.

With all of that acknowledged, here is RADIO.COM Sports' countdown of the 10 greatest left-handed hitters in MLB history:

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