Ranking the 10 Most Dominant Video Game Athletes of All Time

Jordan Cohn
June 05, 2020 - 1:33 pm

There's one guy I want to pay tribute to before we get underway with this list.

He's tall, stringy and deceptively athletic. On the mound, he throws the meanest mixture of devastating curveballs, time-altering changeups and blazing heat, making him one of the greatest pitchers I've ever had to play against. He's knockdown from three-point land and can pull off an insane dunk where he contorts in midair like nothing I've ever seen. His technical ability in tennis and golf is unrivaled. He's perhaps the best defensive soccer player in his very talented group of peers.

I'm talking about Waluigi, of course. I didn't even get into his non-ball sport ability, either.

Unfortunately, though, Waluigi and the rest of the fictional sports world will not be included on this list, with one unique exception. That means that the evil, purple Nintendo figure will join the likes of Pablo Sanchez and Little Mac on the sidelines. Perhaps their time will come on a separate list.

But for this list, I've gone ahead and named the 10 most dominant video game characters in history. A slight caveat: I've only allowed one name per franchise, so although there technically could be a more dominant character that's missing from the list, it's likely because they fail to supersede another athlete from the same video game franchise.

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