Reds Pitcher Trevor Bauer Trashes Houston Astros With T-Shirt

John Healy
July 06, 2020 - 9:25 am

It did not take long for Trevor Bauer to return to throwing shade at the Houston Astros.

The outspoken Cincinnati Reds pitcher, who was among the most vocal critics of the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal, took another shot at the franchise on Friday when he posted a photo of himself at his locker.

In the photo, Bauer is wearing a T-shirt with Houston’s colors that reads, “Trash-Town” in big letters with the World Series trophy placed on top of a trash can. Clockwise around the image says, “Houston Cheated 2017 Chumps.”

“Baseball is back everyone!! Intake testing done, lots of really high tech stuff goin on here but anything to help us in is in, right?!” he tweeted.

The Astros’ cheating scandal, and MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred’s handling of it, rocked the baseball world this winter and was the one of the biggest storylines heading into spring training.

Since the season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the scandal and criticism has taken a bit of a backseat as the labor dispute between MLB players and owners has become the new point of criticism toward the league.

Bauer will not get a chance to pitch against the Astros as the new rules limit games to teams within its own division and the corresponding geographical division.

However, Bauer is not the only player who feels some sort of animosity toward the franchise, so it will remain to be seen if any other players begin voicing their displeasure, or enacting their own retribution, toward Houston players.

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