Signed Sidney Crosby Rookie Card Sells for $125,000 on eBay

Jordan Cohn
June 26, 2020 - 9:59 am

Wayne Gretzky is "The Great One," and the value of his highest-selling cards reflect that.

In 2016, a Gretzky rookie card sold for $465,000 at the National Sports Collector Convention. Another rookie card, a PSA 10 Topps edition, sold for over $200,000 in the same at another collectibles convention. So he may have the card-collecting "The Great One" moniker to himself, too.

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But Sidney Crosby, who is close behind Gretzky on many of hockey's greatest of all time lists, is also close behind in the card-collecting game. One of Crosby's rookie cards, which was signed by the longtime Penguins star, received quite a hefty bid on eBay.