The 10 Richest MLB Players as of 2020, Ranked by Net Worth

John Healy
February 18, 2020 - 12:36 pm

Major League Baseball gives out some of the most lucrative contracts in all professional sports.

Just these past few years we've seen Mike Trout ink a record $430 million deal, while Gerrit Cole's $324 million contract was the largest ever for a pitcher.

Those players are still in the infancy of their new deals, though, and have yet to crack the top 10 on this list. Like the richest NFL and NBA players, the ones who did make the cut have complemented their mega contracts with endorsement deals, business ventures or just simply accumulated a ton of wealth over a long period of time.

As contracts continue to grow, this list will surely look fresh in the next few years, but here are the top 10 richest MLB players ranked by their net worth:

NOTE: Most recent data compiled was used from and spotrac.

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