Todd Gurley, Clay Matthews Claim Rams Owe Them Money

Dan Mennella
April 09, 2020 - 11:53 am

Two NFL stars who formerly played for the Los Angeles Rams have claimed the team owes them overdue payments.

Running back Todd Gurley, now with the Atlanta Falcons, and free agent linebacker Clay Matthews both took to social media recently to call out the Rams for what they say are late checks.

"Past due," Gurley tweeted at the Rams account on Wednesday.

Matthews chimed in with his own experience in response, on Thursday.

Gurley and Matthews were veteran casualties on a roster mired in salary cap hell. The Rams rank dead last in the league in available cap space, according to Spotrac. Gurley is owed about $5M, while the Rams are on the hook for about $2M to Matthews, according to ESPN.

The Rams appear to be dragging their feet on the payments so as to avoid having to recover funds from players which they may ultimately be owed as related to offset language in NFL contracts, according to ProFootballTalk. Basically, the Rams will have to pay the money, but by waiting until after Gurley and Matthews signed elsewhere, they will pay less up front, the report said.

The Rams declined to comment publicly. The team believes it is in compliance with league rules, a source reportedly told ESPN said.

Earlier this week, Gurley appeared on 92.9 The Game in Atlanta to talk about joining a running back rotation with the Falcons, and his return to Georgia, where the University of Georgia product starred with the Bulldogs for three seasons before going pro.

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