Tom Brady Says He Struggled to Sleep After Loss to Dolphins

December 30, 2019 - 10:44 am

Sunday was not the way Tom Brady and the Patriots wanted the end of the regular season to go.

The Patriots fell to the Dolphins, 27-24, and a week after having one of his best games of the season, Tom Brady had one of his worst. The quarterback wasn't sharp, finishing 16-for-29 passing with 221 yards, two touchdowns and an interception that ended up being a pick-6 for Eric Rowe.

With the loss, the Patriots missed out on a first-round bye and will play on Wild Card Weekend for the first time since 2009.

“Yesterday we had plays, I certainly did, that I should make and I didn’t make them," Brady said Monday on The Greg Hill Show with Mike Mutnansky, Jermaine Wiggins and Nick "Fitzy" Stevens filling in. "That’s why you lose games. This week it has to be more concentration, focus, determination, attitude — everything has to be at its top, top, top this week. You just have to get to a great place where we’re confident and trusting and going out there to execute at the highest level.

"We can certainly execute a lot better than we did yesterday. We had too much unforced errors, things that Miami didn’t even have to do to stop us. That is when you know you’re disappointed in the way you played. It’s just self-inflicted errors which really were -- I give them all the credit for winning, but there are things that we just shouldn’t do and we have to tighten those things up.”

Brady admitted he didn't sleep well Sunday night.

“Just tossing and turning," he said. "Not much sleep and you have a lot of emotion after the game. You hate to have nights like that, but you have to do something to change it. It’s important for us to realize our goals are ahead of us and we have to go out there and have our best week and try and figure out how to win a game.”

Once again, Brady was showing some discomfort with his elbow as CBS cameras caught him shaking it out multiple times on the sideline when throwing with backup Jarrett Stidham while the defense was on the field. The 42-year-old maintained it isn't an issue and seemed to be a little agitated with it once again being asked.

“It’s doing good," he said. "I don’t have any problems. I have no injuries. I have said it, like, a lot. I feel good. There’s no injury, no nothing. Wish I would have played better and that’s about it.”

Brady and the Patriots will host the Patriots Saturday night at Gillette Stadium.

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