Top 10 MLB 2B of 2020: Projecting This Year’s Best

Tim Kelly
March 13, 2020 - 12:09 pm

Though much of the attention was understandably focused on Edwin Diaz, the New York Mets' December 2018 trade with the Seattle Mariners looked especially disastrous when you factor in how underwhelming Robinson Cano was in his return to New York.

Cano, one of the most accomplished second basemen in baseball history, hit just .256 with 13 home runs and a 0.8 fWAR in his first season with the New York Mets. Part of the reason that the Mets were willing to take Cano back from the Mariners was to limit the amount of prospect capital they would need to surrender to land Diaz. But there was still some thought that Cano had quite a bit left offensively, which, if true, didn't show itself in 2019.

So in addition to Diaz's brutal first season in New York, the Mets remain on the hook for the bulk of the $96 million owed over the next four seasons to Cano, who looked greatly diminished in his age-36 season.

While there was a stretch of a decade or so where Cano would have been at or near the top of any list of the best second basemen in the sport, he finds himself on the outside looking in ahead of the 2020 season. Here's a look at RADIO.COM Sports' countdown of the top 10 second basemen for the upcoming season:

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