WATCH: Mark McGwire's Super-Prospect Son Swings Just Like Him

Tim Kelly
June 22, 2020 - 10:34 am

We don't yet know if he fake punches his teammates in the gut to celebrate his home runs, but Max McGwire, the son of Mark, has a batting stance and swing eerily similar to that of his father.

At the Perfect Game Showcase - which ran from June 16-21 - McGwire's son displayed an approach at the plate that the baseball world hasn't seen since 2001:

Beyond inheriting a classic batting stance and the last name McGwire, Perfect Game suggests that Max has a chance to be a major league player himself:

"Moves very well off the bag at first base, has agile feet, big arm strength for the position, no reason athletically that he can't play third base or a corner outfield position. Right handed hitter, hits with high hand start and a quick and short path to the ball, very well timed swing with surprising explosion and carry off the barrel, owned batting practice and hit 4-5 balls out, extremely projectable young hitter who can hit bombs already without adult strength."

Max, who has already demonstrated a 97 mph exit velocity, attends Capistrano Valley High School in Irvine, California. Max is in the class of 2021 at Capistrano High School, which has also produced Chicago Cubs' right-hander Kyle Hendricks, among others that have reached the major leagues.

Diamond Kinetics says that Max ranks in the 95th percentile or better among the class of 2021 in terms of exit velocity, max barrel speed and impact momentum. He is committed to the University of Oklahoma after his high school career concludes, though one would think if he has a big senior year, it's entirely possible he forgoes that commitment and turns professional after the 2021 MLB Draft.

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