Ramon Foster on Fitzpatrick Trade: "I Was Shocked"

"We don't usually do things like that...that guy's a baller"

The Fan Morning Show
September 17, 2019 - 9:27 am
Minkah Fitzpatrick

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Steelers guard Ramon Foster joined The Fan Morning Show Tuesday in his weekly spot at 8:00 am. 

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He spent most of the night before on the Ramon Foster Show from Nakama in Wexford talking about the Ben Roethlisberger injury news and Mason Rudolph talking over for the remainder of the season.

But Foster had a trade to react to this morning the guys, as the Steelers swapped their first round pick in 2020 (along with some other later round pick swapping) for Dolphins safety/slot cornerback Minkah Fitzpatrick. 

"That's huge. I was shocked," said Foster. "We were in our group chat (with other Steelers players) just texting and somebody was like, 'We traded for Minkah Fitzpatrick' and I was like, 'Stop lying.' It was a huge surprise, we don't usually do things like that." 

"It says a lot about I guess what confidence we have in Mason as far as us still getting other assets to help us this season. But, I mean, that guy is a baller. He's a high draft pick and I'm sure we had our own assessment on him anyway. To be able to get him in right now is going to be huge."

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"I don't usually like to talk about the defense or whatever they've got going on but I'm assuming this is a huge pick-up for us as far as his playmaking ability more than anything." 

Foster openly talked about wanting Patrick Peterson from Arizona when he was rumored to be on the trade block and isn't shy about wanting to bring in talent into the organization.

"For our management to go out and get a guy like that, that says a lot. That says a lot about him and it says a lot about what we are as a team and what we're trying to do. With the whole Patrick Peterson thing last year, this is the year later effect of that and I guess right now we're saying we still have some stuff we have to clean up or we just need some help in some places. He's a young guy who you can still teach a new system to and he'll be alright."

"This is a win now type of business. I don't know what everyone else is thinking but with Ben going down, it's, 'Hey, let's just keeping moving.' Mason feels that way. We as an offensive line feel that way. I know from seeing social media too last night that a lot of our guys are excited about this move. So, that says a lot about that kid but it says a lot about our team being willing to bring in somebody like that." 

You can listen to the entire interview from Steelers guard Ramon Foster on The Fan Morning Show below.  

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