Ramon Foster: "It Is What It Is"

Steelers guard says Bell saga overshadowed Steelers success

Shelby Cassesse
November 13, 2018 - 8:44 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Ramon Foster is just glad it's over. 

The Steeler isn't mad Le'Veon Bell refused to sign his franchise tender, leaving $14.5 million and the the team behind. Instead, Foster is just glad the drama is over, as it overshadowed what the Steelers have been doing on the field.

"From the shaky start that we've had, to James (Conner) emerging to be a top back in this league, to our defense right now is just killing it, we've had so many guys, whether it's been player of the week, whether it's been defense that's been playing high, whether it's been guys getting individual accolades, it's been overshadowed because that cloud has just been hovering around," Foster said during his show on The Fan.

Foster was critical of Bell in September when the running back failed to show up for the first week of the regular season, but with ten weeks passing since then, it seems Foster and the rest of the team are just ready to move on.

"No, I'm not ticked. That's his decision. He's got to live with that, whether he breaks the bank next year or if he doesn't. He's got to live with that, and I was talking to someone earlier, I'm like the greatest thing about it, there's been no group chat. You know, we all have our group chats. You have your group chat, I'm sure, with people. There's been no group chat discussion. There's been no moans and groans about it. It's like alright, it is what it is."

While Foster commended Bell for his athleticism, he added that another upside about Bell not returning is that their current roster stays together. 

"We don't have to cut somebody. You know, if he came back, we would have to cut somebody that's been a part of this team for (ten weeks). That's tragic in itself, too. You know, you don't want somebody to lose a job for that when they've been a part of the process."

The Steelers will return to practice Wednesday for the first time since their Thursday night win over Carolina ahead of a game in Jacksonville Sunday.