The Rays Are Confident They Can Fix Tyler Glasnow? Good Luck

Rays writer also thinks winning baseball will 'invigorate' Archer

Matt Koll
August 01, 2018 - 11:27 am
Tyler Glasnow

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Among the many that were covering all the twists and turns of the Chris Archer trade to Pittsburgh as it was developing Tuesday was Tampa Bay Times Rays beat writer Marc Topkin.

Topkin joined The Fan Morning Show on Wednesday to talk about the trade from a Rays perspective and apparently, Tampa loves the return they got. Including enigmatic Tyler Glasnow. 

In truth, Topkin was surprised to hear Pirates GM Neal Huntington say that Austin Meadows was the Rays' "must-have" in this deal instead of Glasnow.  

"The way the Rays were talking yesterday, honestly, I would have thought Glasnow was the key guy," said Topkin. "They are really excited. They think pairing him with Kyle Snyder their pitching coach who's been at AAA for the last few years, they brought him up to the big leagues this year, who also happens to be a 6'8'' righty...they feel like he's really going to unlock him."  

He says the Rays compared him to Rays All-Star starter Blake Snell in that they both dominated AAA, got to the majors and need/needed a few years to figure things out. They are so excited about him, in fact, that they are starting him Wednesday night for 2-4 innings and are thinking about moving him back into a starter role. 

Wow. OK then. 

Colin Dunlap said today that he believes Glasnow is uncoachable and doubts he will ever become even an average Major League starter. 

Meanwhile, Topkin believes Chris Archer can find his All-Star form again in Pittsburgh.

"I think he'll be invigorated by being in games that matter," said Topkin. "He talked a lot about wanting to be on a winning team. I think pitching in front of big crowds, assuming the Pirates start drawing big crowds with the playoff race, will invigorate him, too. Obviously there's days in The Trop (Rays' home stadium Tropicana Field) where it's a very quiet and uninspiring place."

"His track record has been that he's pitched well against teams that haven't seen him as much. So you'd think there would be a little bit of that working to his benefit especially the rest of this season. You look at his numbers where he gets beat up by the Yankees, the Orioles and the Red Sox [and see that] Adam Jones has like, a full season of at-bats against him over the seven years. So, I think that works in his advantage."

Topkin said Archer is a two-pitch guy, with a heavy fastball that he will elevate in the zone and a wipeout slider that draws many ugly swings. He is also working on a changeup that he hopes to continue to develop. 

He also explained to The Fan Morning Show the parting of ways between the Rays and Corey Dickerson (for Daniel Hudson!) and summed it up as this: The Rays had both Dickerson and Denard Span and couldn't keep both. They decided to get rid of Dickerson because of his poor second half last year. That hasn't turned out well for them so far. The real kicker is that a couple months later, they traded Span and their closer Alex Colome to the Mariners for minor leaguers.

Who knows. 

You can hear the entire insightful interview, including a description of all that Archer does in the St. Petersburg community, with Tampa Bay Times' Marc Topkin below. 





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