Roethlisberger Responds to Ramsey Criticisms

Steelers QB ‘excited’ to play Saturday

Josh Rowntree
August 21, 2018 - 11:01 am
Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger at Heinz Field practice in 2018

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Ben Roethlisberger is going to take the high road, for now. Come November 18, he hopes his play does the talking.

Asked Tuesday about critical comments made by Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback, Roethlisberger would not hit back.

“It’s the awesome thing about this country we live in," Roethlisberger said. "Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”

In an article for men’s fashion magazine GQ, Ramsey, when asked about his thoughts on Minnesota quarterback Kirk Cousins, Ramsey went into an assessment of many of the League’s quarterbacks.

“Big Ben, I think he’s decent at best,” Ramsey said to the magazine. “It’s not Big Ben, it’s [Antonio Brown]. Big Ben slings the ball a lot of the time. He just slings it, and his receivers go get it. 

“He has a strong arm, but he ain't all that. I played him twice last year, and he really disappointed me. He'll be in the Hall of Fame and all that.”

The Steelers, of course, lost twice to Jacksonville a year ago, once in the regular season and again in the AFC Divisional Round. 

“I think he's a fantastic football player,” Roethlisberger added. “I think we play them at some point. They got the best of us last year, so I guess he has the right to say whatever he wants."

The Steelers will get a rematch in Jacksonville on Sunday Night Football on November 18. 

Before that, however, the Steelers still have much to do, including Saturday’s third preseason game, against Tennessee at Heinz Field. 

A year ago, Roethlisberger only played two series in the preseason, both in the third game. So it’s likely he will get on the field, in some capacity, this weekend. 

“I’m not really sure. I haven’t spoke to coach on it, but I’m excited to get out there. I’m sure there will be some jitters and some rust, but it will be good to get out there with the guys.”

“It’s kind of live action, if you will. We’ve been at practice and everything gets a little faster, a little quicker. I hope I don’t get hit, but it’s always good to knock that rust off at some point.”

Hits are something the Steelers have tried to avoid with Roethlisberger, but were unable to last Tuesday in Latrobe, when the quarterback fell into right tackle Marcus Gilbert and had to leave practice. Roethlisberger was placed in concussion protocol. 

“You don’t expect to get hit and then you get hit from the blindside,” Roethlisberger said. “[Gilbert] just happened to be pushing a guy around and caught me just right. It kind of knocked the wind out of me too.”

Roethlisberger knew pretty quickly that he had not suffered a concussion, but still had to go through the NFL’s mandates regarding head injuries. 

“I think the scary thing is the verbiage, ‘concussion protocol’,” he said. “I think what a lot of people don’t realize, players included, is that doesn’t mean you have a concussion. It means you go into a protocol system to get tested for a concussion.”

“Hopefully the hardest hit I take this year was from Gilbert.”

Hear all of what Roethlisberger had to say, including his thoughts on Saturday’s game, his current health and what he’s seen from Jesse James and JuJu Smith-Schuster to this point.