Santonio Holmes Tells Of His Days Chasing, Catching and Skinning Rabbits

The former Steeler and Super Bowl MVP talks about 'Muck City'

Matt Koll
August 17, 2018 - 12:06 pm

Matt Koll

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- Former Steeler and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes joined The Fan Morning Show on Friday to talk about a multitude.

First and foremost, Holmes joined the show to share more about his "Third & Long Foundation", an initiative to bring awareness to Sickle cell anemia. His son is afflicted by the disease and Holmes had a goal to make the NFL to gain a platform to be able to do what he is doing right now.

He also broke a bit of news in saying that current Steelers receiver Antonio Brown carried the sickle cell trait.

More information on his cause and some local events coming up, including this year's "Strikes Against Sickle Cell" at Noble Manor Lanes on October 8th, can be found online. 

Toward the end of the interview, host Colin Dunlap asked a question that he has always been curious about with athletes from Belle Glade, Florida: "Do you really catch rabbits there?"

This spurned some fantastic story-telling from Holmes.

"Did I really chase rabbits? That was the only way I could pay for my state championship rings in high school was to go out and chase rabbits. My grandfather would bring us the money from what we sold," said Holmes.

Holmes said they would load up their bikes the night before, complete with a milk crate on the handlebars and extra sacks, dress in Army gear, take their two dogs with them, a BB gun or a taped up stick and go out into the sugar cane fields. 

"We would wait until the sugar can fields were burning and the rabbits [scurrying] out of the fields and we would have a dog chasing a rabbit going one way and we would walk along the banks of the canals where they would try to hide," said Holmes. "We would walk through the grass and jump on one of them, snatch them up, break their necks, throw them in the sack."

Holmes and his family would charge based on the size and health of the rabbit and would charge more for cotton tails. He said chasing after these rabbits built up their agility and ability to change direction quickly on a football field. 

Being as it was in Florida, they had to watch out for alligators as well and have even had dogs meet their demise because of them. 

"I've lost a dog because of a gator, chasing after a rabbit across the canal, dog jumps in the water and he comes a gator that I can't do anything about because my BB gun is not going to effect this alligator that is going to attack my dog," said Holmes. "And 'Blackie' just got ate up. That was the end of that story." 

He also went into some gory details about skinning the rabbits that, well, you can listen for yourself toward the end of the interview below. 


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