A Scary Scenario That Could Play Out With This New NFL Helmet Rule

New rule will open doors for destruction

Matt Koll
August 20, 2018 - 11:46 am
Mike Hilton tackle

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- In an attempt to make the game safer (and to avoid future lawsuits) the NFL has put a new rule in place that penalizes players for using their helmet to make a tackle. 

Through two weeks of the preseason, the rule has been met with much consternation, both from fans and players. 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman tweeted Sunday that the rule is "idiotic" and "should be dismissed immediately." He also said the NFL "will be flag football soon" and that it is impossible for players to make adjustments to the way they hit to accomodate the rule. Many other players have come out and said this rule is unfair, including former Steeler and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes when he joined The Fan Morning Show last Friday. 

Colin Dunlap took us through a scenario Monday morning on The Fan Morning Show that could very well happen and that we might need to prepare for down the road this football season. 

Imagine it's Week 1. The game between the Steelers and Browns is similar to last year's. It's tight, Le'Veon Bell is not in "football shape" after missing training camp again, the offense is sputtering at times and the Steelers are up 21-17. Baker Mayfield or Tyrod Taylor is making a few plays and Cleveland is around mid-field on the other side of the two-minute warning. There's about 1:30 left to play. 

It's 3rd and 16.

A throw goes down the middle of the field and it's caught by the tight end. He's running across the middle and then WHAM. Joe Haden and Morgan Burnett converge on the ball carrier for a big hit. Gain of 13 yards, short of the sticks. They're right on the cusp of field goal range but a field goal doesn't do them any good because they're down by four and need to punch it into the end zone.

Everyone gets up, thinking the play is over and then...yellow streaks across the sky. Here comes a flag.

You're thinking, "What?! Oh. Oh, no. Wait a minute. Get outta here!" 

Illegal use of the helmet by Haden or Burnett. They show the replay 40 times and each time you just don't see a clear violation. It's just a regular tackle. Always has been. Last year, even, it was a regular tackle. 

March off 15 yards as Cleveland's drive stays alive. They cross the goal line with virtually no time left on the clock. 

It's over.

The Steelers just lost to the Browns to open the 2018 season, 24-21.

Can you imagine the hysteria in this town? Colin says this outline is going to happen in some NFL city this year. This is the kind of impact this new helmet rule has on the game. 

So, be forewarned. If the NFL doesn't rescind this rule before the regular season, that feeling of losing a game because of the enforcement of a sketchy rule will come roaring back again. 





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