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Shinnecock Hills Golf Pro Jack Druga: "I've Seen Shinnecock Tougher" Than It Was On Thursday

Mike and Jack Recap The First Two Rounds At The U.S Open. Preview The Rest Of The Weekend

June 16, 2018 - 8:37 am

Head Professional at Shinnecock Golf Club Jack Druga joined Mike Dudurich Saturday morning to help recap the first two rounds, the conditions at Shinnecock and what to expect the rest of the weekend.

"We had a tough, tough weather day in the first round," said Druga.  "The guys had a really tough time handling that wind and that was a real big reason the scores went up (Day 1)."

It was a completely different weather day on Friday as it started a little questionable, but got better as the day went on.  And the weather should be really nice today for Round 3.

"Depending on the hole locations, there could be some good scoring," said Druga. "But again, the guy that is a little bit off, the way the rough is right now, will have a tough time if he can't get it in the fairway."

The rough has been a big story so far during the U.S Open as players have struggled at times in getting out of it gracefully to still end up with a decent score on any given hole.

"The progressive rough goes from about 4-6 inches to who knows how deep it could be," said Druga.  "And even at 4-6 inches it's not an automatic get it out in front of the green.  You got to be careful, you could really ruin your score on a hole if you try and get to aggressive getting out of that rough."

They discuss how you saw "train wrecks" when players were too aggressive trying to get out of that rough and Tiger Woods was the player who seemed to have the most problems.

"This 4-shot lead that Mr. Johnson has is kind of one swing away from putting it in the native grass and things could change pretty quickly," said Druga.

And there has been leads that Dustin Johnson has had in past tournaments and he has that train wreck that causes him to lose that lead, but if he keeps playing like he has to start this tournament than the rest of the field is going to have a tough time catching him.

"His (Johnson's) short game has been amazing," said Druga.  "He really statistically hasn't been great tee to green and if he fixes that than the rest of the boys are going to be in trouble."

They discuss some of the criticism that the course got on Thursday by people saying that it was set up too hard.

"Well, I always felt like that if no one breaks par than you can say wow that was too much," said Druga.  "But, there were scores under par so it was doable and I think the players that did play beautifully thought the set up was fair.  I've seen Shennecock tougher than it was on Thursday.  The hole locations were difficult, but they weren't impossible."

They even compare the U.S Open at Shinnecock to a British Open.

"It looked like that on television," said Druga.  "We're linksy, we're on the ocean and there is not a lot to stop the wind from blowing across (the course)."

They wrap up the interview talking about Jack's Pittsburgh roots, comparing Shinnecock Hills to Oakmont and Jack's relationship with Bob Ford.talks about

Listen to the entire interview below:


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