Should The NFL Change Its Overtime Rules?

OT left something to be desired

Matt Koll
January 21, 2019 - 11:26 am
Tom Brady hugs Devin McCourty

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- This discussion pops up every once in a while, most times around here it's when the Steelers are involved in an overtime matchup and come out on the wrong side of it. 

After watching both Conference Championship games this weekend, especially the AFC matchup between the Chiefs and Patriots, many are left wondering and debating whether things should be changed with the NFL's overtime rules. 

Patriots' special teams guru Matthew Slater called heads (as he apparently always does with success) and New England won the coin toss and chose to receive the ball. 

As has happened before, Super Bowl LI vs. Atlanta for example, Tom Brady led his Patriots right down the field to score a game-winning touchdown and clinch a third-straight AFC title while Kansas City's young phenom QB Patrick Mahomes sat and watched from the bench. 

The Fan Morning Show debated the NFL overtime rules on Monday morning and said change is in order. Colin Dunlap and Jim Colony wanted to see Mahomes get a chance. Yes, it was impressive to watch Brady do his thing and convert three 3rd and 10's on his way to the game-winning touchdown but the guys wanted to see one the stars of the league be showcased in a crucial situation. 

Fans want to see one of the most marketable players, possibly this year's NFL MVP, get his opportunity to lead his team down the field. Colin and Jim advocated that regardless of what kind of score the first team cashes in, the other team should get the ball back at least once. If they are stopped, game over. If they score a touchdown as well, you play on. 

Many callers, texters and tweeters into The Fan Morning Show wanted the NFL to go to the college football rules in which you receive the ball on the 35 yardline and both teams get the ball at least once. In a more outside the box approach, one caller said the NFL should do away with the coin toss and give the team with more time of possession or total yards throughout the game to that point the ball first and make teams "earn it."  

What do you think? Change it or keep it? 

You can hear The Fan Morning Show's discussion about it below. 

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