Should The Penguins Trade Kris Letang?

An immediate roster examination begins after 2018 season ends

The Fan Morning Show
May 08, 2018 - 11:04 am
Kris Letang

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It sucks that we have to do this already. Looking forward to next season and looking at the Penguins roster to see what needs tinkered with to be able to win another Stanley Cup.

We're not used to this process in May anymore and without first celebrating a championship.

But here we are as the Penguins have been eliminated in the second round by the Capitals. A great run over the past three years, to be sure. 

As part of the fallout from the series loss, Kris Letang's name has surfaced a great deal among Penguins fans. His poor play in Game 5 caught the eye of many including Letang himself as he apologized before Monday's Game 6. The Fan Morning Show wondered on Tuesday...with his age (31), contract ($7.25 mil a year, third on the team), risky style of play and injury history, should the Penguins look to move on from Letang? Are they better off without him? 

Special co-host on the show today Jeff Hathhorn said that it is at least worth thinking about. He is right on the edge of the prime of his career and a team looking to add him would have to be on the cusp of contending with a great coach and general manager that would be committed to getting him back to what he once was, a truly dynamic defenseman. Jeff also thinks that the "old Letang" is still in him and he could be that elite player again with a restful offseason.

Colin said that Rutherford should definitely be open to phone calls about Letang, but the guys both preface the talks by saying that they need to get great value for Letang or else a trade isn't worth it. If teams look too much into his injury history, age and contract and don't offer enough in return, then you ride or die with him. 

Callers weighed in and some seem to believe Letang is past his prime and that the Penguins should move on from him. Others said the Pens had many other issues that lead to the series loss. Post-Gazette Penguins writer Jason Mackey hopped on the show and said that he doubts there would be many takers for Letang given his situation financially. He thinks the Penguins are with him, good or bad.

You can hear The Fan Morning Show discuss this topic from Tuesday's show below.