Should Phil Kessel Have Talked After The Season Ended?

And no, we aren't trying to run him out of town like Toronto did

The Fan Morning Show
May 10, 2018 - 10:52 am
Phil Kessel

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Phil Kessel finished the regular season with 92 points, tied for 7th in the NHL. But, Kessel only mustered up 9 points in 12 playoff games and looked to have suffered a severe drop-off to his game, causing some to question if he was fully healthy. 

Kessel had an opportunity to clear the air about his potential ailments and his play in this postseason on Wednesday when almost all of the Penguins players talked to the media in front of their lockers before departing for the summer. Instead, Kessel chose not to speak. He also didn't speak immediately following the Game 6 loss to the Capitals that ended the season.

The Fan Morning Show wondered aloud Thursday morning whether Kessel should have been there to face the music. 

DISCLAIMER: We are not trying to run Phil Kessel out of town. This is NOT Toronto. We are not trying to paint Kessel as a "bad guy." 

Colin Dunlap and special co-host for the day Eric Hagmam realize that speaking to the media isn't exactly Kessel's thing. He doesn't do it much throughout the season and that's fine. But both thought that it would have been nice for Kessel to speak up about potential injuries and his play down the stretch on Wednesday.

Colin said he isn't going to bury Kessel when he may not have been obligated to speak but, it would have been nice not to have everyone else (Jim Rutherford, Mike Sullivan, his teammates) answer for him. Both guys say its an awkward spot for players to be in when they have to answer for someone else and it's unfair to them. 

Many texters and tweeters to the show said that only the media cares about who talks and who doesn't.

Eric said that he wants players to talk not for selfish reasons or wanting to be the first to break a story, but because he wants to know all he can so he can formulate what he hopes are accurate opinions about players. He's reluctant to call guys out if he doesn't know whether they were playing with a particular injury. But he also said that fans invest so much into these teams and live and die by them all year and many would like to also know what was up with Kessel. They want to be able to give him an excuse and give him the benefit of the doubt if he was injured because he is a popular player here. 

The guys say it's not about getting the quote the media needs, but informing the fan base that constantly consumes this team. 

You can listen to the conversation about Phil Kessel from The Fan Morning Show below.