Should The Pirates Deal Harrison, Mercer?

Winning streak clouds trade deadline plan

Matt Koll
July 24, 2018 - 11:52 am
Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- This was already decided. The Pirates were going to free fall in the division and Wild Card standings and we were going to see many familiar faces be shipped out of town as the Bucs tore down the roster to begin a...wait for it...rebuild. Case closed. 

But the Pirates threw a huge wrench in that plan when they decided to rip off 10 straight wins and get themselves back over the .500 mark, just four games out of a National League Wild Card spot. 

Middle infield veterans Jordy Mercer and Josh Harrison were supposed to be two candidates most likely to go, as both have prospects behind them in the organization knocking on the door (Kevin Newman, Kevin Kramer, Cole Tucker) and expiring (Mercer) or slightly expensive (Harrison) contracts. 

The Fan Morning Show discussed possible trades of both Mercer and/or Harrison and Colin Dunlap said that if you are in the middle of a Wild Card race, it would really tough to get rid of either one of these guys. Who would immediately replace them and produce in the middle of a run to the postseason? Jim Colony said that it's all about who you would get back for them in a trade. The best "return" might be getting what either one of them can provide for you over the last two months of the season. Colin suggested the best plan of attack may be to buy out Harrison's contract at just over $1 million next year and let him walk while you get his production for the rest of this season.

Harrison and Mercer may be the two players impacted most by this incredible streak. They were ready to pack their bags and leave to their next destination. Now they might be sticking around, at least while the Pirates are truly in the race for the postseason. 

The guys agreed that the worst scenario may be that they stand pat on both players and hang in there in the Wild Card race but don't quite make it. You're then left getting nothing for them and no postseason to show for it. 

This unexpected winning has been great, but it certainly complicates things. 

Should Harrison and Mercer still go? Check out the segment below from The Fan Morning Show for more. 




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