Should There Be Worry About The TE's?

The Steelers never really replaced Heath Miller

Matt Koll
August 29, 2018 - 11:09 am
Jesse James

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan)- The Steelers offense is full of stars. Ben Roethlisberger. Le'Veon Bell. Antonio Brown. Maurkice Pouncey. David DeCastro. 

But there's one position that seemingly has never been filled after one man's retirement after 2015: Heath Miller and the tight end. 

The Fan Morning Show discussed what this position looks like this year and on paper, Jim Colony likes it. He likes the depth of having Jesse James, Vance McDonald and Xavier Grimble.

The problem? They can't stay healthy.

We're going on a month now without seeing McDonald and Grimble still needs to get healthy as well. Jim thinks Grimble is underrated and thinks he is a solid player that has proven to make plays when the Steelers have needed it in the past. 

The guys both agreed Jesse James is reliable in that, to this point, he has been a durable player but we all know that he has a ceiling. You probably aren't going to get much more from him moving forward than what you already have. The advantage here is that he is always there. 

Colin says the Steelers have never quite replaced Heath Miller after he retired in 2015. The Steelers need more production for the position in order to open up more options for guys like Brown or Bell and also have that glorified tackle position that Heath Miller filled so wonderfully as a blocker. 

Post-Gazette Steelers writer Ray Fittipaldo joined the show and said college football just doesn't produce enough tight ends that can be both pass catchers and substantial blockers like Heath anymore.  

Jim hopes the Vance McDonald injury saga does not turn into the ugly, season-long one that Ladarius Green's was, where you didn't know what was going on, how long he was going to be out and whether or not you could count on his services.

How much concern should there be for the tight end position in a loaded Steelers offense? Is it not as important as in the past with ole 83? 


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