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Sidney Crosby Gives Rangers Fan A Signed Hockey Stick For 'Good Chirps'

"Good chirps. Take it easy on me next time!"

January 03, 2019 - 6:06 pm

Just when you couldn't love the guy more, Sid goes and does this. 

Although the Penguins dominated the game inside Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, winning their 7th game in a row against the New York Rangers, fans of the home team didn't ease up on their heckling.

Especially towards Sidney Crosby. 

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One fan in particular, Nick Lipeika, did such a great job at trash talking, that Crosby wanted to applaud him for his 'chirps.' 

"Good chirps. Take it easy on me next time!" Sid noted to the fan. 

So, what were the 'chirps' being delivered? 

ESPN's Greg Wyshynski noted that some of the lines that grabbed Crosby's attention include:

            "Hey Crosby, Malkin would have more Cups if he had a better supporting cast."
            "Hey Crosby, you were voted third-toughest Canadian, behind Celine Dion and a close second to Avril Lavigne."
            "Hey Crosby, when Gatorade wanted a tough guy, Justin Bieber turned them down so they settled for you."
            "Hey Crosby, Malkin wants to know where your Calder Memorial Trophy is." 

While some players might be annoyed by the heckling, Crosby embraced it, even squirting water at Nick through the penalty box, a sign in hockey that the player hears the fan, and respects the heckler.  

The question now is: will opposing fans up their comments at Crosby at future games, hoping for a similar outcome? 

Well, if the comments make Crosby score goals, then bring on the 'chirps'. 

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