Some Feel Good Athlete Interaction Stories

Something positive for once in sports!

The Fan Morning Show
June 26, 2018 - 11:15 am
Chad Kuhl

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

(PITTSBURGH) 93.7 The Fan- It seems like there is too much negativity going on in the news cycle lately. People are at odds, fans are upset with organizations and it gets to be overwhelming after a while.

So The Fan Morning Show decided to bring some warm, happy moments into the show today but soliciting calls about the best "good guy" interactions people have had with professional athletes or sports figures. Colin Dunlap heard two separate stories to spark this idea, one involving Pirates shortstop Jordy Mercer as he went out of his way to participate in a kid's clinic when he wasn't obligated to attend. The other involved Steelers guard Ramon Foster as he paid for his entire table at a Hibachi restaurant after having great conversation with the people sitting there. This is all just to show how these athletes can be regular, approachable and sometimes generous people outside the game. 

Immediately, the calls and texts started rolling in...

The first was a story from Nick on the Parkway (stuck in traffic) who said that he met Sidney Crosby at a bar on the South Side right after the season ended a few years ago. He said Sid talked with him and his friend about Pittsburgh and the hockey season for a while and even bought them a couple beers. Tom calling from downtown said that his daughter goes to a medical daycare at Children's Hospital and Jerome Bettis came unannounced and dropped off gifts to kids there. Evgeni Malkin also gives away tickets to games to the families of the children as well. 

A texter said that Chad Kuhl was walking along Penn Avenue and was wearing a losing bracelet that the texter had also worn said their mom got sick. They had a nice discussion about the meaning behind the bracelet for about a half hour. On a lighter note, another texter said Mike Tomczak once handed him toilet paper under the stall at North Park Lounge back in 1998. What a guy.  

Another caller said he saw Marc-Andre Fleury and Kris Letang in the bathroom at a hotel for a wedding. He asked Fleury if he would take a picture with the bride and groom and he did, of course. They still have that picture on their mantel. ​

You can listen to all the calls and some of the texts we received in the segment below. It's always nice to remind ourselves that some athletes do not act like they are above others and are gracious with their time.

Hopefully you can think back to a time you met a professional or prominent sports figure and had a positive interaction with them.  


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