Some Questioning Why Marte Is Starting Tuesday After Lack Of Hustle

Bucs beat writer Jason Mackey says it's a good move but sends the wrong message

The PM Team with Poni & Mueller
July 16, 2019 - 4:47 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Some are questioning why Starling Marte is in the starting lineup for Tuesday's game against the St. Louis Cardinals after not hustling out groundballs Monday night. Fan Pirates Insider Jason Mackey of the Post-Gazette says he understands why Clint Hurdle has him in the lineup Tusday night.

"I think it's a good move, but it does kind of send the wrong message," said Mackey. "I didn't like Hurdle's response when I asked him last night about Starling Marte and he kind of got defensive about it being three double plays. We can sit here and debate semantics all we want, but this is your number three hitter, one of your franchise players, didn't run out a double play ball very obviously."

Mackey talks about Hurdle probably wants to send a message to Marte, but because of where they are in the race and the struggles coming out of the break and needing a victory may be preventing him from having that as an option.

"Hurdle is in a tough spot, they need to win games and Marte's one of the best vehicles they have for doing it," said Mackey. "I guess it's a good move, I understand why he's doing it...I wish he would kind of said this is unacceptable, we're in the middle of a race here, you can't be doing that."

They also breakdown what was a weird game last night and just how sloppy the Pirates have played to start the post-All Star Break season because of where they are in the standings, especially in the division race.

"They need to take 2 of 3 against St. Louis and they just can't be screwing around with sending messages or discipline or whatever, they need to win," said Mackey. "It's problematic, that they have the opportunity in front of them. they're 2.5 games out at the break and they have come out of this thing and played like absolute garbage. Outside of what Chris Archer did through the first 5 innings in Chicago, they've had nothing going."

Jason and Andrew also discuss whether or not the Pirates are ready to send Jordan Lyles to the bullpen because of his last few starts, Is Mitch Keller deserving of another opportunity sooner rather than later and the pros/cons of a potential Felipe Vazquez trade.

Listen to the entire conversation The PM Team had with PG Pirates Beat Writer Jason Mackey Below:

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