Starkey And Mueller Say Goodbye To Josh Miller

On His Final Day At The Station, Starkey And Mueller Share Their Favorite Josh Miller Memories

Kraig Riley
April 20, 2018 - 4:44 pm
Starkey And Mueller Say Goodbye To Josh Miller

Courtesy Of Kraig Riley

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The FAN) - Josh Miller gave the past 7 years of his life to our station and The Starkey and Mueller Show took time to remember their favorite memories of working with Josh back when it was The Starkey, Miller and Mueller Show.

"Muellsy, we used to work with Josh Miller who said goodbye today and I wanted to say a public goodbye to him and just express the fact that I really enjoyed working with Josh," Joe said.

"I think he's as naturally funny as maybe any person I've ever met and he's a good man."

Chris added that "I alwasy enjoyed talking with Josh, he had a lot of natural humor...he's a nice man."

In lieu of a going away party for Josh which never took place, Joe and Chris reminisced about their favorite memores both on and off the air with Josh. 

Some of those memories include the time Josh called in while "stuck" in a snow storm, the time something happened off the air that made everyone laugh so hard they couldn't even get through a segment and when we got stuck doing a show in the middle of a lightning storm in the middle of a field during Steelers training camp.

You'll want to give this a listen.