Starkey and Mueller: Would You Draft Lamar Jackson If You Were An NFL GM?

Bill Polian Suggests Jackson Should Be A WR In The NFL

The Starkey & Mueller Show
March 05, 2018 - 6:39 pm
Lamar Jackson

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NFL Analyst Bill Polian of ESPN lit the fire surrounding Lamar Jackson saying that he should just be a Wide Receiver in the NFL and Joe and Chris discuss whether they agree or not.  Joe says he has gone back and forth on Lamar Jackson and ultimately came to the conclusion that his team wasn't very good, he's not a very accurate passer, but his receivers did have a ton of drops. Joe says he would take a chance on Jackson late in the 1st round, early in the 2nd round because he thinks he can play Quarterback in the NFL.

 Chris says that Lamar Jackson deserves every shot to be a Quarterback at the NFL level and Jackson needs to be as good a runner functionally as an Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger earlier in his career.  Chris says he needs to be able to extend plays and occasionally make big plays with his legs in the NFL. 

They both tend to agree on Lamar Jackson and bring up whether or not if they were Kevin Colbert and the Steelers could draft him, Would you?  Joe says he can't this year if he was the Steelers because they are built and ready to win right now and they have plenty of other needs to fill this season.  

Also, Joe brings up Kevin Stallings in today's Secret Stash and could he be coaching his last game on the Pitt Basketball sideline at the ACC Tournament this week and what direction should the program go if that is the case.  Chris and Joe also take a look at the Pirates over/under win number and what they think their final record will be this season.  Both of their answers may surprise you.