Steelers 1st Round Pick Builds Early Bond with Ryan Shazier

After giving Edmunds his jersey, Shazier called him with advise later

Jeff Hathhorn
April 27, 2018 - 7:02 pm
Terrell Edmunds Kevin Colbert Art Rooney Mike Tomlin

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Steelers first round pick Terrell Edmunds was in Pittsburgh Friday hours after his life changed.  Edmunds met with coaches, saw the facility and said he found out quickly “the fan base is amazing”.

Let’s go back to the hours that preceded Edmunds holding a Steelers jersey next to Art Rooney, Kevin Colbert and Mike Tomlin. 

An outside shot at the first round, Terrell is in Texas maybe as much to be with his brother as for hope of him getting drafted.  He and his brother were defensive teammates and standouts at Virginia Tech

After a couple of hours, Tremaine Edmunds waits longer than most expect, and eventually gets drafted by the Buffalo Bills at pick number 16.  The family is celebrating while Terrell keeps waiting.

Pick number 27 by Seattle goes by, so Terrell needs some relief, not from the pressure or anyone in the room, just relief.  He’s in the bathroom washing his hands when his phone rings.  It’s Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin telling him the news.

“I grabbed a paper towel real quick, dried off my hands.  My pants still unbuckled just running out there talking to my parents, so excited.”

Then, after gathering himself, he looks on the TV and sees what America sees,  once paralyzed Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier walking across stage getting ready to announce his name.

“It was a great moment for me just actually seeing him up there smiling and actually seeing him up there walking and giving me the jersey,” Edmunds said.  “That was a special moment for everyone.  I say that was the moment of the draft, not hearing my name called.  But just seeing after the tragic injury that he had last year, seeing him up there walking and smiling and giving off the jersey was big for everyone.”

Shazier reached out to him last night after everything died down and told him if he ever needed anything to call him.

“He’s just being that role model that every team needs,” Edmunds said of Shazier.  “He’s being that leader on the team.  I’m coming to a great organization.”