Trading AB Allowed Steelers to Get Devin Bush

Picks for Brown gave Colbert ability to get LB

Jeff Hathhorn
April 25, 2019 - 11:17 pm

93.7 the Fan

PITTSBURGH (93.7 the Fan) – NFL Network called the Steelers and GM Kevin Colbert “losers” when they traded all-timer Antonio Brown to Oakland for a third and a fifth round pick.

Thursday night, the Steelers general manager said without that trade, they don’t end up getting Michigan inside linebacker Devin Bush.

“What they (Oakland) presented us, in our minds, really was not too far from a two (second round draft pick) and a four (fourth round draft pick) because both of those picks are so high in their respective rounds,” Colbert said.  “Without that trade, we would not have made this trade today.  I’m very comfortable in saying that because we wouldn’t have had enough picks to do it.”

Colbert said he, Mike Tomlin and team president Art Rooney were insistent in making sure that had two picks for Friday’s portion of the NFL Draft, rounds two and three.

“Being able to do it with this year’s second round pick and next year’s third, we believe at this point we will have compensatory pick in 2020 (for losing Le’Veon Bell),” Colbert said.  “So that gives you a little more justification for trading away a future pick.”

Colbert said they talked to Denver earlier on Thursday about a potential move up to the tenth pick overall.

“It really wasn’t stressful,” Colbert said of waiting to move up.  “We had this in mind.  We hoped it was going to work out, but if it didn’t we were going to be fine.”

Colbert said ultimately, it’s how the team does as to whether this deal is a win for the Steelers.

“This is a unique football player,” Colbert said of Bush.  “And it was across the board in our evaluation.  We had four personnel people, myself included, and three coaches, Coach Tomlin included, evaluate this young man.  Everybody said, this is a first round pick.”

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