If Bell Doesn't Show Up Coach Tomlin Says 'So Be It'

Coach Tomlin addressed the possibility of Bell’s return at weekly press conference.

Jeff Hathhorn
November 13, 2018 - 1:57 pm

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PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) - Tuesday is the last day running back Le'Veon Bell can sign his franchise tag contract with the Steelers but Coach Mike Tomlin isn't thinking about that.

Asked if he has had any communication with Bell in the recent months Tomlin simply said during his weekly press conference, “no.”

Asked to give his reaction if Bell misses the entire season Tomlin said, “I have no reaction.” Adding, “I’ve told you guys and I’ve told you guys consistently, a reaction comes from me if and when he walks through the door, until that happens, I’m business as usual focused on those that are here and working and appropriately so, that way I’m not wasting my time and theirs.”

If Bell decides to not sign his franchise tag Tomlin simply said, “so be it”.

Tomlin adds with football also being a business he isn’t surprised Bell has been holding out.

“Under the circumstances, no, I understand that business is an element of the game of football.  There are elements of the game, relationships within the game, football related relationships that we all hold near and dear and understand, and then at football at this level there is also the business element.  Even when we don’t understand it, we are sensitive to it.  So we are not shocked when things happen from a business standpoint.”

Coach Tomlin addresses the possibility of Bell’s return at weekly press conference.

While Tuesday is the last day Bell can sign for this year, Tomlin knows it won’t be the last time his team will have to address it.

“I’m sure that you guys will be a reason to bring it up and continue to rehash it in some form or fashion, even after today.  It’s just part of being us on this journey.  I think that we all have gotten comfortable with that element of it.  In regards to how we function and us, that train has left the station.  We are comfortable with how we function, the people at our disposal, the division of labor and our ability to ready ourselves for the challenges.”

Asked if he thinks Bell has a future with the Steelers Tomlin said that isn’t something he thinks about.

 “Man I hadn’t that about that one iota.  Like I’ve said repeatedly and I mean, I’m focused on the guys that are here, we have enough challenges that are significant in terms of meeting the things that we need to meet this week in order to get a win.”

If he does not sign by 4 p.m. Tuesday Bell walks away from $14.5 million.

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